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choosing clothes that bring happiness and joy

Dressing for the Dopamine is built upon the strong belief in clothes ability to lift our mood. A great outfit is so much more than looking great its also about feeling great. I believe that when you dress to express your authentic personality, your style remains timeless.

Whether it be helping you to restyle 'old pieces' from your own wardrobe, sourcing quality secondhand items or educating you on how to shop for new pieces with intention. Together we can create the wardrobe of your dreams.

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Nardia, I can't thank you enough for the amazing fun we had today! You are a true professional who made me feel comfortable, happy and inspired. I loved getting to work with you and am thrilled at the new outfits we made together with what I already had. I feel more confident about making choices about my clothes, and feel better able to bring out my best self in what I am wearing. You are a style queen and it's so lovely that you are happy to share your gift with others!

- Rachel

Nardia really understood and validated the journey that I have been on with clothes. Her service felt tailored to me as a person and my individual taste, lifestyle and body shape. It sounds like an extravagant thing to do to “hire a stylist”, but it has paid for itself already in the ease I have had getting ready in the mornings and all the compliments I have received. As we started with a wardrobe audit, our shopping trip was focused on filling the gaps with versatile basics which have made my entire wardrobe more wearable. The whole process has been streamlined and decoded for me - I can now zoom through the racks confidently “not my colour, print too small, too much volume…”. I was initially embarrassed that I had hired a stylist, but am now telling everyone I know to do the same. Thanks again for your help, Nardia

- Charlotte


the Style


I will help you to rediscover your style personality through fashion psychology, the importance of body shape and proportions, and use aspects of colour theory to help you create a functionable wardrobe that is as authentic as you!

Wardrobe Audits

Personal Styling

I will work with you in your home to create looks that bring joy and inspire confidence. We will tackle the beast together, contemplating each piece with a critical eye; considering fit, colour and wearability.

$180 for a 2 hour in home session.

Together we will shop consciously for pieces to fill the gaps established in your wardrobe. I will help you to create effortless looks that work for you and your lifestyle

$90 per hour

(2-3 hours)

The FULL offering: $400 (5 hours)

Wardrobe audit & Shopping

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is timeless.

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